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The Influencers

the 2008 edition!

February 28-29, March 1, 2008

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Radars & Fences

When the Paradigms of Discipline and Control Collide

New York University
March 6-7, 2008

is a group of 5 artists, activists and researchers currently based in Barcelona (Spain), Bologna, Rome (Italia) and New York (USA), who join forces to organize public events about extreme and controversial forms of "radical entertainment".

Our research on visual, technological or media-performance projects explores the troubled waters where art, communication and social issues mix. Here's where the transformatory power of creativity applies directly to information flows, cultural evolution and social experimentation. >> Agenda


d-i-n-a aims to introduce to a wide audience art+communication projects that - through strategies like cultural remix, camouflage, or over-identification - put into stage a new kind of "entertainment", where surreal or politically incorrect means are often adopted in order to achieve radical objectives. >> Metagallery

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