The Influencers is a research project that investigates innovative forms of art, communication guerrilla and cultural jamming. It began in 2004 in collaboration with the Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona (CCCB) and has continued with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya's department of culture.
As a research project, The Influencers sets out to explore and document contemporary forms of creativity that use, as their raw material, information flows (ideas, passions and all kinds of collective meanings) and the channels in which they circulate through the entrails of the media machine in western societies.

Specifically, The Influencers is a geographic, conceptual and historical exploration of projects that act upon the media machine in a disruptive and creative way, remixing and contaminating it through:

Based on first-person testimony provided by the authors of some of the key projects internationally, The Influencers sets about building a multifaceted vision of this kind of media "interventionism". It ignores the traditional boundaries between different disciplines, crossing through them to discover or underline the subterranean affinities that invisibly link different times, countries and cultural contexts, and ultimately create a real time map of genealogies and scenes that join the past and the present.

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