The Influencers presents practices that cross over and beyond traditional definitions of art, computer engineering, design, performance and entertainment.

The festival is part of a research project that began in Bologna, Italy, in 2000 under the name ‘Digital is not analog’ and has gradually focused on exploring controversial strategies for radical intervention in mass communication. They may make use of revolutionary technological tools such as the internet or p2p networks, act by breaking into popular culture (mainstream media, pop music, advertising), or twist marketing strategies and show no mercy in taking over the imagery of the most out-of-control consumerism.

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From April 7th to the 9th
carrer Montalegre 5, Barcelona

Free admission

thursday April 7th



19h Adbusters

20.30h Dragan Zivadinov / NSK / Noordung Kosmocinetic Cabinet

friday April 8th



17h "Ceský Sen - Czech Dream".
Film by Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda 95' - DVD.
Original version with English and Spanish subtitles


19h Ceský Sen

20.30h Josh On

saturday April 9th



17h "The Yes Men" film by Chris Smith, Dan Ollman, Sarah Price 78' - DVD
Original version with Spanish subtitles


19h Eddo Stern

20.30h Marko Peljhan

22h The Yes Men

The Yes Men

The Yes Men is a group of pranksters-activists that gained world-wide notoriety for impersonating the World Trade Organization on the Internet, on television and at business conferences around the world. They practice what they call "identity correction": they pretend to be representatives of powerful organizations and then use their newfound authority to speak truths that, ostensibly, those entities dare not.

In their latest intervention they appeared on the BBC as the spokesmen for Dow Chemicals, the company responsible for the Bhopal, India, disaster which killed thousands. When they declared that the company was finally accepting its responsibilities, the Yes Men managed to create a public scandal on an international scale.

"You know how a funhouse mirror exaggerates your most hideous features? We do that kind of exaggeration operation, but with ideas. We agree with people turning up the volume on their ideas as we talk, until they can see their ideas distorted in our funhouse mirror. Or that's what we try to do, anyhow but as it turns out, the image always seems to look normal to them".
The movie “The Yes Men” will be screened during the festival.