· Transversal Art
[ talk ]
Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2006)

· The battle of cool
[ talk ]
Rimini, Italy (2006)

· Mission Boomerang
[ workshop ]
Badajoz, Spain (2006)

· The War of the Worlds
[ artist presentations ]
New York City, USA

· Remix culture!
[ talk & workshop ]
Fuerteventura, Spain (2004)

· Art in the age of hackers
[ talk & seminar ]
Graz, Austria (2003)

· Digital is not Analog
[ artist presentations ]
Barcelona, Spain (2002)

· Cultural interfaces and identity games in the age of the Internet
[ artist presentations ]
Milan, Italy (2002)

· Hacker Techniques
Art in the age of hacking

[ talk & seminar ]
Barcelona, Spain (2001)

· Hacktivismo
[ artist presentations ]
Bologna, Italy (2001)

Digital is not Analog


Culture jamming, hack/tivism, surveillance, art.

October, 4-5 and November 9-10 2002
Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Barcelona (CCCB) - http://www.cccb.org


The focus of this series of artist talks and project presentations is on 4 recent group works that standed out for their unexpected and provocative approach to contemporary communication technologies and styles: the Surveillance Camera Players (New York), Ubermorgen (Wien/Sofia), Casseurs de Pub (Lyon) and Electronic Disturbance Theater (New York).


Since the mid 90s, the wide diffusion of basic digital communication tools and their exploitation made new forms of creation possible within the aesthetical and social innovation processes.

While different cultures such as social activism, visual and performance arts, radical and utopic research on electronical media always shared a largely common (but often unacknowledged) background, in the 90s they experimented new connections on a technological basis.

The result today are projects that may be classified by different labels (hacktivism, tactical media, culture jamming between others), but that perform a similar way of acting as viral entities in the contemporary mediascape.


Digital is not analog invites some of the protagonists of that scene to present and discuss their work. These meetings are meant to deliver first hand information, to contribute to the recognition of this field of creation and possibly to sparkle debate and provoke frank and open reaction.

The 4 meetings are part of the local events program in preparation of the Next5Minutes 4 festival, Amsterdam, May 2003 (http://www.n5m.org).


friday October 4th, 10 pm / Centro de Cultura Contemporanea - Mirador

saturday October 5th, 10 pm / Centro de Cultura Contemporanea - Mirador
UBERMORGEN with Hans_extrem

saturday November 9th, 10 pm / Centro de Cultura Contemporanea - Mirador
CASSEURS DE PUB with Benjamin Brugere

sunday November 10th, 10 pm / Centro de Cultura Contemporanea - Mirador

 Presentations by: 

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Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona