· Transversal Art
[ talk ]
Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2006)

· The battle of cool
[ talk ]
Rimini, Italy (2006)

· Mission Boomerang
[ workshop ]
Badajoz, Spain (2006)

· The War of the Worlds
[ artist presentations ]
New York City, USA

· Remix culture!
[ talk & workshop ]
Fuerteventura, Spain (2004)

· Art in the age of hackers
[ talk & seminar ]
Graz, Austria (2003)

· Digital is not Analog
[ artist presentations ]
Barcelona, Spain (2002)

· Cultural interfaces and identity games in the age of the Internet
[ artist presentations ]
Milan, Italy (2002)

· Hacker Techniques
Art in the age of hacking

[ talk & seminar ]
Barcelona, Spain (2001)

· Hacktivismo
[ artist presentations ]
Bologna, Italy (2001)

Digital is not Analog.02

net.art, viruses, media jamming, modified videogames, hacking, errors

San Bartolomeo's Church - Campobasso (Italy)
October 24 - 26, 2002


D-I-N-A.2002 is a three day festival with presentations, performances and debate. The event is meant to present to the Italyn public some creative projects that critically experiment on contemporary digital technologies and communication styles.


Invited guests' works range on themes like data control and diffusion on the Internet, modified videogames, computer virus culture and its extension to digital communication at large, and finally free software as a public domain tool.


The projects presented at D-I-N-A.2002 show that digital technology can be a way to originally influence media landscape and represent - both culturally and economically - a sustainable alternative to empty hi-tech gadgets, mere spectacle and the exorbitant budget of global tech-entertainment industry.


 Presentations by: 

 Supported by: 

Molise Regional Council

Campobasso Provinde Council

Produced by: 

Eventi Progetti Speciali