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Digital is not Analog.00

net.art / hacktivism meeting

Villa Serena, Bologna (Italy)
September 22 - 23, 2000


The aim of this meeting is to investigate the development, the origin and the diffusion of net.art, an art form that exists excusively on the Internet by exploiting the net very potential. In other words, net.art doesn't have the typical outlook of traditional work of art such as artistic products, sculptures, photographies, but as web sites. Net.art was born in Europe and Russia at the middle of the 90s and developed thanks to a mailing list network (an highly dynamic and horizontal medium), of web-rings (dozens of sites connected to form a continuously changing web of references) and of "physical" meetings. Net.art is now an art form known at international level, not only by the major art and new technologies festivals but also by hystotical institutions of the traditional artistic scene.

Digital is not Analog.00 will be an important occasion to get to know some of the minds and bodies that have shaped the contemporary net.artistic scene, that is formed by different personalities as for culture, nationality and life experiences.

The two days of the event will be dedicated to some of the most discussed themes of net.artistic production: software and interfaces, ascii art ­ streaming, games, video -, hacktivism, copyright infrigments and tactical media, through the documentation of the actions and of the sites, the projections of movies and interviews. Both the meetings will be visible live at the Cafe9.net web site, that will become a real public platform from which it will be possible to intervene directy in the videoconference debate.

 Presentations by: 


Videointerviews and video selection by the The Thing.it

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European project Cafe9 - Bologna