· Transversal Art
[ talk ]
Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2006)

· The battle of cool
[ talk ]
Rimini, Italy (2006)

· Mission Boomerang
[ workshop ]
Badajoz, Spain (2006)

· The War of the Worlds
[ artist presentations ]
New York City, USA

· Remix culture!
[ talk & workshop ]
Fuerteventura, Spain (2004)

· Art in the age of hackers
[ talk & seminar ]
Graz, Austria (2003)

· Digital is not Analog
[ artist presentations ]
Barcelona, Spain (2002)

· Cultural interfaces and identity games in the age of the Internet
[ artist presentations ]
Milan, Italy (2002)

· Hacker Techniques
Art in the age of hacking

[ talk & seminar ]
Barcelona, Spain (2001)

· Hacktivismo
[ artist presentations ]
Bologna, Italy (2001)

Cultural interfaces and identity games in the age of the Internet

net.art, viruses, media jamming, modified videogames, hacking, errors

April 17 / April 18
Infopoint Via del Laghetto, 2 - Milano


After the events held in Bologna in 2000 and 2001, d-i-n-a proposes its first event for year 2002 in Milan.

d-i-n-a invited some relevant figures of international net culture scene: Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno from Yes Men, Matthew Fuller from London collective I/O/D, the milanese group of artists and programmers epidemiC and from Rome Macchina and her project ID_Runners.

These four guests work in apparently different but actually intertwined fields: from a kind of political performance that get across real and Web spaces, until software criticism or identity game through the Internet.

The event has been coordinated by Marco Deseriis (a.k.a Snafu), who will introduce the speakers and will chair the meeting. In the last years he wrote essays and articles for RAI's (Italyn National Radio Television) web portal and for the Italyn node of the international network The Thing. Last year he chaired the D-I-N-A.2001 festival, produced by d-i-n-a.


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