· Transversal Art
[ talk ]
Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2006)

· The battle of cool
[ talk ]
Rimini, Italy (2006)

· Mission Boomerang
[ workshop ]
Badajoz, Spain (2006)

· The War of the Worlds
[ artist presentations ]
New York City, USA

· Remix culture!
[ talk & workshop ]
Fuerteventura, Spain (2004)

· Art in the age of hackers
[ talk & seminar ]
Graz, Austria (2003)

· Digital is not Analog
[ artist presentations ]
Barcelona, Spain (2002)

· Cultural interfaces and identity games in the age of the Internet
[ artist presentations ]
Milan, Italy (2002)

· Hacker Techniques
Art in the age of hacking

[ talk & seminar ]
Barcelona, Spain (2001)

· Hacktivismo
[ artist presentations ]
Bologna, Italy (2001)

Hacker Techniques
Art in the age of hacking

Barcelona (Spain), Hangar
MADE IN HANGAR Series - September 2001


The workshop aims to present the participants a critical and in-depth approach to one of the most controversial notion of the information era, the notion of “hacker”.

The second purpose is to show and discuss artistic projects based on information technology that have originally interpreted and expanded the notion of hacking, and that therefore best express the cultural significance that technology has attained nowadays.

Day 1: " Art as a form of hacking "
Net culture: from hackers to net.art (intro on the five days workshop) - Brief Introduction to the history of hacking and of the hacker's culture - Hacking as a form of art? - What is net art?

Day 2: " Culture hacking "
Online activism (Electronic Disturbance Theatre, Digital Zapatismo) - An early example of artistic hack: Digital Hijack by etoy

Day 3: " Culture hacking II "
Plagiarism and media hacking: Rtmark and 0100101110101101.ORG - When net cultures clash: Toywar * hiding and defencing

Day 4: " Artware "
Software manipulation as a form of art - Art that is contagious: computer viruses - Introduction to the history of computer viruses - Biennale.py (the study, development, aesthetic treatment and communication of a computer virus for artistic purpose)

Day 5: " Local media hacking "
Hacking approach to some off-line technologies: Surveillance Camera Players, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Billboard Liberation Front, Adbusters, Luther Blissett




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