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ASCII history of art for the blind

Documenta: Done

History of art for airports

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History of Art for Airports
Documenta: Done

« I go to conferences. That's actually. That is an art practice
that has to do a lot with the net. You come to the conference. You meet
one hundred and a few people from abroad. That's a net. Art is not only
the making of a product, which then can be sold in an art market and
praised by an art thinker or mediator. Its also a performance. When
you are having a good time, its pretty much like when you are creative
and you are producing something. When you have a good dialogue, when you
are stimulated to come up with new argumentation, with new ideas, that
is creativity for me, thus art. When it is about this type of meeting,
like this nettime meeting was, thats for me. The whole form of
this conference [Nettime conference - Lubiana, 1997] can also be defined as a piece of, as a sculpture. A sculpture if you wish. »

Widely known for his pioneer and provocative work in the arena, Vuk Cosic is one of the founders of projects like Nettime, Syndicate e 7-11, whose contribution has been crucial in the development of a European "net culture".

His preferred strategy is probably the production of simple but paradoxical interventions that mock the conventions and the habits of contemporary new media culture. This was the case when he claimed to have "found" the term '', but also in the History of Art for Airports o in the History of Art for the Blind. In 1997 he literally caught the world of contemporary art unprepared when he stole the Documenta 10 Web site (Documenta is probably the most prestigious European event as far as contemporary art is concerned), before it was closed and sold as CD-ROM.


Vuk Cosic interviewed by Tilman Baumgärtel

Interview by Josephine Berry (1999)