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Nazi~Line (2001)

[V]ote Auction (2000)

etoy - the Digital Hijack (1996)

etoy TANKSYSTEM (1995)

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Behind Ubermorgen (a German word that sounds like a mix between "the day after tomorrow" and "super-tomorrow") we can find one of the most uncatchable identities of the contemporary European techno-avantgarde. Would we say "artistic" avantgarde, it may sound unappropriate since Ubermorgen's actions aim at breaking out the physical and conceptual barriers between fields like the arts world, business and communication world. Involved since the very beginning in the foundation of the famous etoy corporation - the outstanding brand that shocked art, business and Internet world with projects such as "The Digital Hijack" (1996) and "Toywar" (1999) -, the members of Ubermorgen act as mirrors of the false rethorics of big business and directly insert their actions into the mechanism of contemporary politics and economy. They play with strategical communication flows, diverting them as required and often fueling a hard to solve ambiguity. They don't react to the events, they create them.

"[V]ote-Auction" is one of most recent, risky and paradoxically successfull projects by Ubermorgen: it is «the only platform in the world that provide the final consumer an effective role in the American election industry» says Ubermorgen. "[V]ote-Auction", launched during the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign and extensively reported by international press, is an Internet service that gives political parties or individuals the possibility of auctioning off the votes via the vote-auction web-site and then buy whole states. A true interchange system that finally «brings capitalism and democracy closer together».


UBERMORGEN - PRESENTATION AT Digital is not analog
(Barcelona, 2002)

IL BRIVIDO DEL MERCATO - Progetti di business estremo nell’impero del commercio globale
by Vanni Brusadin