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Culpability calculations

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Natalie Jeremijenko

Natalie Jeremijenko is an engineer and a techno-artist whose works challenge the supposed "neutral" concept of 'relevant information'.

At least 3 projects among her wide production must be mentioned here. Stump: the virus for printers that inserts itself into your printer queue and counts the number of trees disrupted in relation to the consumed paper pages. Culpability Calculations, an application that calculates the responsability of single actionists in case of fires produced by corporations. And finally Fade-to-Black Cams, a system of software and webcams that blurs the images in relation to the pollution rate in the surrounding air.

Her work includes digital, electromechanical, and interactive systems, in addition to bio-technological work (like in Biotech Hobbyist).

« The research and design practice represented in the project database is focused on the interrogation of the transformative potential of new information technologies: redressing what counts as information, exploring tangible open-ended design strategies, and developing and applying socio-technical analysis and critique to generate, instantiate and explore alternatives to dominant information technology design paradigms».

Founder of the Bureau of Inverse Technology, she was recently nominated as one of the top 100 world young innovators by the MIT Technology Review. A large project was commissioned to Natalie Jeremijenko for the opening of the new MASSMoCA, the biggest north-american center for contemporary art. Her works have been shown, among all, at the Tate Gallery (London), at The Guggenheim Museum (New York), at The Museum Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt), at Documenta 97, at Ars Electronica 96 and at Whitney Biennial of American Art 97 (New York).


di Natalie Jeremijenko