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Free software developer, media artist and activist, performer and migrant. Wired to the matrix since 1991.

Jaromil's investigations range from ASCII art experimentation to audio streaming. Among his most recent projects MUSE and FreeJ should be mentioned. MUSE is a software which allows to encode and mix different audio streams, while FreeJ is a free software under GPL licence presented for the first time at d-i-n-a.2001 that allows the user to handle and modify different video sources in real time.

« I believe that when we speak today of digital works and we wish them to be considered works of art, we have to release them as open source artifacts. The reason for this is that artists have to realize they should occupy an avantgarde role, as their predecessors did in the past. When being avantgarde means to take the digital revolution into account and digital revolution means that we can duplicate data at no cost. If we are talking about works of art, we have to consider their reproducibility.»

JAROMIL GOES TO D-I-N-A: « Source codes and their production are fascinating: features such as the formal research (though open to infinite potential executions), the exactitude and even the manuality required by programming are really close to similar basic elements of many other arts. But code may be art only when the artists set it free, acknowledging the code's own digital nature, freely passing on anything, refusing market laws even when these would have brought some profit. I owe my programming skills to people that share this kind of attitude. Maybe I even owe them the very fact that I may be considered an artist, or rather an artisan who tries to do what he learnt with an idea, a principle, a policy in mind - call it what you want. Yes, art maybe.»

His last net art work is Farah, an audio-visual documentation of a travel through Palestinian occupied territories, with the aim of representing Palestinian culture and giving an alternative view on it beyond the war which is currently plaguing this land.


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by Jaromil

Interview by Marco Deseriis


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