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The best of

Casseurs de Pub (magazine)

Rentrée sans marques
(2000 -..)

Semaine sans telé (2000 -..)

Journée sans achat (1999-..)

in italiano


Founded in 1999, Casseurs de pub is an association that aims to promote the public debate on a criticism of a consume-driven society and the creation of visual alternatives to the dictatorship of corporate visual imagery.

CDP publishes once a year a magazine (Casseurs de Pub), distributed in 25000 copies in the kiosks nationwide, with amazing examples of plagiarist graphic design. A printed quarterly newsletter is been published to launch season campaigns such as the Rentrée sans marque ("Back to school brand-free"), Journée sans achat ("Buy Nothing Day ") o Semaine sans télé ("Television-free Week").

CDP - in collaboration with the sister group Résistance à l'Agression Publicitaire ("Resistance to Advertisement Aggression") - produces also posters and animation short movies, and organizes conferences, exhibitions and direct actions.

Like its elder 'cousin' Adbusters, CDP has been founded by a former ad-man.


by P. Ariés
and other texts by Casseurs de Pub